Our Purpose

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https://www.belgianhomebrewersassociation.be/62994-benadryl-uk.html The purpose of this website is to provide the general public with information pertaining to the severe and devastating impact that Wal-Mart's lease agreement and restrictions have had on the entire community of Swansea, Massachusetts.

where to buy dapoxetine in china Wal-Mart imposed restrictions on the community's largest piece of commercial real estate, a 683,000 square foot mall, in the center of Town, which have rendered the property undevelopable and forced mall ownership into insolvency.

http://blog.thecreativegoods.com/tag/dance/ The community is now faced with an economic development crisis, due to the mall not being able to be sold or redeveloped. Hundreds, if not thousands, of jobs have been lost since 2012, when Wal-Mart imposed these unethical and socially irresponsible, restrictions on Swansea's center of Town.

These restriction have had negative implications on the entire region and must be extinguished for meaningful and comprehensive redevelopment of the Swansea Mall to be effectuated.